Lynne in Black Lingerie sitting on a Black Chair in the studio: Raw to Final.

Lynne in Black Lingerie sitting on a Black Chair in the studio: Raw to Final.

Inserito originariamente da Wizwow

The shot is self explanatory.

Lighting is a bit unusual. A beauty dish is wrapped in a foil window shade for a car and gaffer-taped to create a funnel (or snoot) and placed on camera left. It is aiming almost vertically down so only a bit of light is spilling off the edge of the snoot and catching Lynne’s arm and leg. The purpose of this light is to give some dimension to the image. The highlight is very sexy and gives the body shape as well as setting it off of the background. Look at how it gently sculpts the inside of her left thigh and highlights the left hand and arm. It is direclty to the side of Lynne and only slightly out of camera range.

Main light is a grid-spot set slightly above Lynnes face height and aimed at her face. It creates a shadow behind her that I used as a compositional element. The shadow also gives some dimension to the image.

When shooting like this it is important to make sure the model knows where the light is and how to judge if she is in it.

I included the Raw image so you could see the starting point for the final image. Background is a V-Card sitting on a few sheets of fome core for a faux floor.

Photoshop image #1:
1. Cloned out the edge of the V-Card, and repaired the holes and such in the floor. Used the clone tool on lighten, darken and normal to achieve a fairly regular floor area. Creating a second layer I added some light areas behind her left leg and arm to continue the separation from background.

Then I retouched the face and skin ending up with a slight powder courtesy of Mama Shan…. Added a new layer of 50% gray at overlay and changed my brush to very soft white at 7% and painted some soft highlights on the skin, face, hair and legs.

Copied a flattened layer to a new document and ran the ACME Glam action, toning it down to 25%. ACME Glam is kind of a luminance/gaussian thing… adds some contrast and cleans up open areas.

Using the move tool I transferred over the copy and holding the shift key down it moved directly over pixel for pixel. Then lowered the opacity and added a layer mask to paint back in some sharpness. I then added some noise to the lower layer which came through ever so slightly on the top layer due to the slight opacity level.

Added a layer of texture, increased the contrast, lowered the opacity and set it to overlay. Added a layer mask and painted back the skin from below so the texture would not show on the skin. A few tiny touchups later I was done.

To the emailer who asked what I do to images… I do stuff like the above, but i feel the image must start with good lighting.


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